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Ever wanted to be a pioneer?

TCSF student

The Corby Sixth Form opens in September 2023, which means you could be in our first intake.

Starting out as part of the first cohort of students in a new Sixth Form can be a great experience.
You could…
  • Give your input – being part of the first class can means having a greater degree of input into the development of what the Sixth Form looks and feels like going forward
  • Make your mark – you’ll have the opportunity to shape how the Sixth Form develops – and could have a real impact on the experiences of students to come
  • Get involved – being part of a new school community can provide opportunities for leadership and growth – whether being on the student council, helping to organise events…
  • Make the most of our state of the art campus – The Corby Sixth Form will have great resources and facilities. Our site will be brand new and will have the most up to date technologies
  • Join in – there will be a real sense of community. Everyone you meet will be new here, and you can bond over shared experiences

Being year one of the new Corby Sixth Form will definitely be a unique experience. We hope you’ll join our community, helping us learn and grow along with you.


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