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Philosophy A-Level

The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels General


  • What can we know?
  • Can the existence of God be proved?
  • How do we make moral decisions?
  • Are my mind and body separate?
The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels General

Year One course content

In the first year, two units are studied. These are as follows:


Includes discussion of the nature and origins of morality, where a variety of normative ethical theories are studied (e.g. Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics) along with meta-ethics and questions concerning the meaning and status of ethical language.


Includes discussion of the origin of concepts and the nature of knowledge: where do ideas/concepts and knowledge come from? What is knowledge? How is it different from belief?

The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels

Year Two course content

In the second year, two units are studied. These are as follows:

Metaphysics of God

Includes discussion of the concept of God; arguments relating to the existence of God; the problem of evil and the nature and status of religious language.

Metaphysics of Mind

Includes discussion of the mind–body problem: What is the relationship between the mental and the physical? Can a machine think/have a mind? A range of dualist, materialist and functionalist perspectives are explored.

Additional information

What does this course prepare me for?

The course is designed to allow you to do the following:

  • Develop a range of transferable skills which can be applied far beyond the study of Philosophy
  • Gain a thorough grounding in key philosophical concepts, themes, texts and techniques
  • Develop the ability to reason, form your own judgements, express yourself coherently and contribute to the process of debate.
Course support and enrichment

You will be offered revision workshops as a core part of this course. In addition, there will be opportunities for you to hear from a range of guest speakers and the potential for trips.


Students will be assessed internally on a regular basis, including through formal mock exams. There are final exams at the end of the course in Year two.

Year 2 assessment:

Assessment is comprised of two written examinations to be taken at the end of the second year: both are 3 hours in length.

  • The first one covers first year content (epistemology and ethics)
  • and the second covers the second year content (metaphysics of God and metaphysics of mind).
Entry requirements

Some of our subjects are subject to standard entry requirement and some have additional requirements. Please see below:

Subject specific entry requirements

  • 5 in English (Literature or Language)

Standard entry requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at grades 9-4 including English Language and Maths (one Vocational or Technical qualification at Merit or above may be counted)


  • At least grade 4 (or Merit for Vocational or Technical qualifications) in any subject(s) that you have taken at GCSE and wish to continue studying at Level 3


  • Average GCSE (best 8) of at least 4 (38 on the old points table)


  • Grade 4 (or Merit), at least, in any subject previously studied
  • Students will take either 3 A-Level subjects or 1 Diploma subject with 1 A-Level
The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels

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