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Your New to Sixth Form top tips

The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels

You’re about to become a Corby Sixth Form student – what essential advice do you need to know?

  • Try not to get too stressed. We know that Sixth Form is a new experience, but keeping as positive as possible will help.
  • Talk to as many people as you can – chances are, because everyone’s new here, you’ll find people with common interests and make friends.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our teachers and support staff are really approachable, so do ask them for help, especially if you don’t understand something.
  • Get involved – taking part in activities and enhancement as well as becoming involved as one of our student ambassadors can be a great way to feel part of the school community.
  • Make sure you start as you mean to go on – working hard but smart. This means not overworking and giving yourself time to relax.
  • Stay organised – have equipment, stationery and your reading list ready before you start. Make sure you have folders ready for the start of term.
  • Keep up to date with work, but also revise throughout the year. This will keep your knowledge current. One excellent tip is using revision cards. You’ll find that your time at Sixth Form goes by so fast!
  • You’ll have a new independence – this is definitely a good thing, but it’s also up to you to organise your time. Your school week/day may be arranged differently to what you’re used to. Make sure you also have enough time for outside activities and socialising. A good balance is key.
  • Use our facilities. Make use of the areas we have around Sixth Form to study in after lessons. This can include communal areas (and the LRC, of course). Many students find this is good for their concentration and work/life balance.
  • Start thinking ahead – it may seem a long way off and you may be undecided about what you want to do next. However, thinking early about Uni or a career can give you focus. Our teachers and student and careers services are ready to help.     

We can’t wait to meet you this year, and know you’ll get off to a great start.

      If you do have any questions, please contact us.