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Why become a Student Ambassador?

A Level Students at The Corby Sixth Form

Being a student ambassador will be a rewarding experience if you are interested in developing confidence, learning new skills, and making a positive impact on your school community.

What will I do?

Student ambassadors are typically tasked with promoting the Sixth Form, providing support to prospective and current students, and helping to organise and run events.

So, what are the benefits?
You will:

Develop leadership skills : One of the big plus points of becoming a student ambassador is the opportunity to develop your leadership skills. You’ll have the chance to work with a team of other students and take on responsibility for a range of tasks, from helping with the organisation of events to leading campus tours. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and manage your time – all skills that are highly valued by employers and can help you stand out in your future career.

Build your network: Another opportunity linked to becoming a student ambassador is the chance to ‘build a network’. You’ll be working closely with other students as well as members of staff, all of whom can provide valuable support and guidance. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with prospective and former students, helping you build relationships that can last well beyond your time in school.

Make a positive impact: As a student ambassador, you’ll have the chance to play a part in your school community. Whether you’re helping to organise an event that brings people together, providing support and guidance to new students, or promoting your school to a wider audience, you’ll be playing an important role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. This can be a rewarding experience, and can help you feel more connected.

Develop new skills: In addition to leadership skills, becoming a student ambassador can also help you develop a range of other tools that will be valuable in your future career. For example, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with a range of different audiences, develop your public speaking skills, and hone your organisational abilities.

Gain valuable experience: Finally, becoming a student ambassador can provide you with valuable experience, helping you stand out to future employers. By taking on this role, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment and versatility. You’ll also be developing a range of transferrable skills that can help you succeed.

So, why sign up?

By becoming a student ambassador, you can develop skills in leadership, networking, communication and organisation, and make a positive impact on the Sixth Form as a whole. It can also be fun!

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