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Where to start if you haven’t got any idea what to study at Sixth Form

The Corby Sixth Form A-Levels Media Studies

After school, the choice of what to do next can be daunting – so where to start?

There are lots of factors that can help you decide what subjects are the best fit for you.

1. Thinking about you…

  • What are your interests? You may be able to choose subjects that reflect these
  • What are your strengths?  These can be what they call ‘soft skills’ as well as academic ones
  • Do you have a career in mind? It’s early days, but might be worth considering
  • What are your best subjects at the moment? Would you consider taking these further?

2. Choices…There are a myriad choices out there, and sifting through them can be a big task.

There may be some things to consider though:

  • What you’ll enjoy
  • What you’re good at
  • What will be a good fit with any study and career plans you may already have

For example, it is worth considering whether or not you would like to study at a Russell Group university; in which case, there might be a preferred range of subjects. Similarly, you might be focused on Diploma courses, as you would like to follow a more vocational route. It is also worth looking at what the subject requirements might be for courses at university – for example, Science degrees may require maths and Science A-Levels

It may seem a while in the future, but is worth starting to think about.

3. Getting the information…Take a look through the subject programme. This will give you a taste of what each subject covers and ideas for progression.

4. Looking beyond the title…You may think you know the subject, but it’s always useful to find out more. An open evening is the perfect chance to speak to the subject tutors and really make sure you’re choosing the best course – or pathway – for you.


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